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Fundraising just got easier.

Simply register your sporting club and let everyone know about Teambuys.


How much does it cost for the club to join Teambuys?

Nothing, it’s FREE for clubs to join Teambuys. NO annual fees or monthly subscriptions. You must simply register your club to receive the money from your community.

How much does it cost for a club member to join Teambuys?

Nothing, it’s FREE for members to join Teambuys. Anyone can shop on Teambuys and every time they spend money, their nominated club will receive the fundraising $$$

Can our club buy product and services on Teambuys?

YES you can, whether it is training and/or game day equipment or club supplies, the club can buy through Teambuys. It means the club is getting an extra discount when you factor in the Team Amount rebate.

Can our sponsors sell their products on Teambuys?

Contact us at to start the process.

How much does the club make on each transaction?

The amount varies per product. Each product has an amount openly declared in the online shop. Some products generate more income for your club than others.

Is there a limit to what the club can earn from Teambuys?

No. The more people spend the more your club earns. Limitless income and massive potential if you can get a lot of members shopping frequently.

Register Your Club.

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