How Teambuys Works




Welcome to Teambuys, the innovative “game changer for Club fundraising”

Teambuys is an online store where you can shop for wide variety of everyday products and every time you shop on the store, not only will you get a great deal, your shopping is fundraising for your nominated sporting club.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and it doesn’t cost you or your nominated club anything !!

Step 1: Shop for Sporting, Health & Beauty, Tech & Electronics, Household, Pet Supplies or Club Gameday Training & Supplies from our ever expanding product range or select a Store e-Gift card from every major retailer, whilst still accessing any promotions and specials provided by the retailer and still receiving your loyalty rewards benefits 

Step 2: Link your shopping to your desired sporting club so that they receive our fundraising $$$. Teambuys will do the rest

Step 3: Products will be delivered directly to your door or Store e-Gift cards will be emailed straightaway

We all know it’s hard to find the time volunteer. Now you can e-Volunteer any time of the day generating fundraising $$$ for your club! 





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